Kitchens from Belarus

Why more and more people pay attention to the kitchen of Belarusian manufacturers?

Choosing a kitchen, people in most cases evaluate how high the main material from which it is made, and the aesthetics of facing material. Due to the fact that Belarusian cuisines are characterized by the quality of the material, a variety of colors and wood, they began to buy them more and more often.

Belarusian factory cuisines: what advantages do they have?

The kitchens of Belarusian factories reached such fame primarily due to an adequate ratio of prices and quality. Furniture of domestic production is far from always of high quality, and imported is much more expensive, because the price includes delivery and customs fees.

Belarusian furniture, including kitchen sets, combines European quality and reasonable price. In their production, European technologies are used and always high -quality materials – both domestic and foreign. The level of quality of such kitchens practically does not lose expensive analogues made in European countries. Furniture companies try to conduct a flexible pricing policy, because the client can choose a kitchen for every taste and wallet.

The choice of material and design of the kitchen from the manufacturer

The most common woods that are used in the production of furniture for kitchens are oak, ash, alder and cherries. Their popularity is explained by the fact that they are optimal for the conditions of a temperate climate and relatively inexpensive. Each of them is characterized by sufficient strength and durability, while having additional characteristics.For example, oak has high water resistance and is considered the most environmental material, which is well led to processing. The ash has a light shade of wood. It combines strength and elasticity, due to which there are much more design decisions for furniture from ash than for other breeds. Olha is quite soft, but at the same time resistant to rot. All wood furniture looks very beautiful and complements the interior with its colors and designs. And cherries are characterized by a pleasant pink tint and at the same time it is quite strong.

Belarusian furniture production is perfectly established, so you can choose the right kitchen of any style and price category.

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