Building houses in Krasnodar –1 5 storey house

Many people in a certain period of their lives begin to think about moving from a close city apartment to a spacious country house. Many still dream of this all their lives, others risk and embody their dream. But now almost any person can build a small country house.

1.5 floor house

Recently, in such a industry as the construction of houses in Krasnodar, 1.5 -storey houses began to use very popularity. They are a building of two floors. The first floor, as a rule, has a standard height – 2.6 – 2.8 m. But the second floor is an attic – incomplete stages under the roof. Here, two walls can have a height of 0.8 to 1.8 m, but the other two on which the pediments are placed have a height, as on the ground floor.

The construction of such a house will practically not be distinguished by anything from the usual two -story house. But when a house is built 1.5 floors high, it turns out significant savings. So, for example, the construction of the main walls of the second floor will take at least 30 % less brick and a masonry solution. Employees of the company “Builder Krasnodar” to explain all the subtleties to you. Here you can take an excavator for rent.

The device of the rafter system of a 1.5 -storey building is not difficult, since, as a rule, this is an ordinary gable roof. In size, it will also not differ from a similar roof of a two -story house.

It should be noted that the construction of houses in Krasnodar 1.5 floors high, due to the availability of modern building materials and technologies, is carried out in a very short time. So, an ordinary house 1.5 floors with an area of ​​up to 150 square meters. m. You can build and make a finishing finish in just three months (of which at least 21 days you will need to wait when the concrete in the foundation will finally harden and gains the necessary strength).

Advantages of a 1.5 -storey building

The house with the attic has many advantages:

original appearance;

saving materials for the construction of the main walls;

a smaller load on the foundation, which allows you to reduce its width accordingly and thus save on concrete;

Rooms on the second floor have a smaller volume, which leads to a decrease in heating costs in the cold season.

Since the ceiling of the second floor is insulated with the help of mineral wool, this allows for minimal heat loss.

Thus, the construction of houses in Krasnodar in 1.5 floors will cost cheaper than a similar two -story cottage.

The company “Builder Krasnodar” offers services for the construction of private houses of any number of storeys. Our experts will help you choose a project of a house that can satisfy all your wishes as much as possible, and builders will build your dream house in a short time.


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