How to choose a trimmer

Even in remote villages, the population begins to switch to trimmers, sending braids to a distant corner. The device is much more convenient than its earlier brother. In order to mow thick and thick vegetation, it is enough to use options more powerful. In order to make the right choice, we will consider some nuances for purchase.

Trimmer can work from a motor or on gasoline, the latter has two engine locations. If the heart of the tool is in the lower part, which will be easier to mow, but the power is reduced from this. Typically, such a model is produced for about 15 minutes, after which they make a break. It is not recommended to work with wet grass, otherwise you risk disable a trimmer.

But those whose engine is located in the upper part can safely go to large territories. Usually the power of such an electric braid is high, which allows you to take even thick stems. You should not purchase cheap models, as they will soon fail, ask the consultant about the advantages of certain types.

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It should be noted right away that gasoline counterparts have much more advantages in work. Suppose wires do not stretch for you, which means that plantings do not think and do not deteriorate from contact with an obstacle. Their power is very high, which indicates the long time of work, which will differ in high quality. It remains only to choose a pen, which is convenient for its owner. More often acquire in the form of letters T, because it allows you to make a wide scope.

For those who do not know how to start a gasoline engine, there are models with an automated launch. Even a child is able to cope with such a sample, and women are not counted with this tool.

In the store you need to pay attention to additional nozzles that are included. That is, you may not only have a braid with a engine, but also a bureau or cultivator. You can’t count additional devices there, you just need to look at the needs and wallet. If your model is equipped with a huge number of additional functions, then you became the owner of the combine. Since a simple motorcycle has only a few bonus nozzles, without significant reincarnations.


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