“Forged” interior features and practice of creating

The interior, regardless of the chosen style, will always be spectacular, fashionable and interesting, but with one small point-condition. If it is a harmonious, completed composition that is permeated with a single thread, theme, plot.

It is believed that it is most difficult to decide on the design idea. But this is not entirely true. You can be inspired by an autumn tree flying a snowflake, a grandmother’s chest of drawers, a favorite color or a movie hero. Just look through the online pages of the thematic designer site. Correctly realize the idea – this is where the professionalism and knowledge that profile companies possess, what the repair of apartments in Podolsk, for example, or other, or other turnkey format practices in Podolsk,. That is, from this very idea to the placement of the last interior accessory.

An alternative to a pronounced and sustained interior theme may be a different way to combine the composition. Namely, the repetition in the decoration, decor of furniture, textile decoration of the identical pattern, font, image or certain technology, for example, products and elements made through artistic forging. Such an interior will turn out even more interesting and expressive than the classical embodiment of the design of the idea.

The decoration of apartments in Podolsk, Rostov or the capital, made in this format of stylization and, especially with the participation of qualified specialists, will also be more affordable and simple in execution, since:

Here, the exclusivity of the finish, complex architectural techniques, luxurious, sustained in clear style furniture and other elements that entail considerable expenses;

You can not use textured fabrics and materials;

Color solutions can also be any;

Any, even the most concise furniture, supplemented by forged decor, will look expensive and spectacular. Ideal, both modern and retro items are suitable.

That is, the background on the contrary should be as simple and calm as possible, because the dominant of the interior will be just forged products – their beauty, intricacy, nobility. What kind of products are it – to solve personally, there are a lot of options. These are elegant lamps, sconces, magnificent chandeliers, these are furniture elements or even full -fledged forged items, just decor elements – wall, furniture, window … The pattern does not have to be identical at the same time – the very technique of artistic forging, its beauty and fascinating magnetism unite.

The main thing is to order the manufacture of competent specialists – “modern blacksmiths”, which can and have the necessary tools for working with metal.

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