Falts roof

Falts roof is one of the most durable, strong and reliable types of roof coatings today. It is a protective layer of rolled or leaf galvanized steel, in some cases covered with additional protection from synthetic polymers. In addition, it can be made of a wide variety of non -ferrous metals.

The sale of the folding roof is carried out by large suppliers of building materials available in each city. In St. Petersburg, the Falts roof is sold by Terem, whose specialists will not only tell the buyer the most optimal option, but also helped with delivery and installation work.

This type of roof got its name for the fact that the combination of its individual elements during the installation process is carried out using the folds – single and double, standing and lying. This type of connection allows you to provide maximum protection against possible leaks during severe rains, winter thaws and spring melting of snow. Well, as for the zinc and polymer coating, thanks to them the metal is not afraid of corrosion and is not covered with rust during operation.

The sheets are attached to the crate using the so -called Kleimers, which are hidden under the surface of the sheet, due to which visible holes on the surface of the roof are simply absent, which reduces the risk of leaks and heat loss to a minimum. The edges of the sheets, along with the kugers, are wrapped using special devices in a castle connection, which is called the Palz.

Due to its use, the roof can be created even from high complexity profiles without the need for additional use of various overhead elements. With its appearance, the folding roof is ideally combined with the most common architectural forms of houses, so it can be used with the same success not only when erecting new buildings from scratch, but also during the reconstruction of old.

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