Build a greenhouse in the country with our own hands

Solid greenhouse with your own hands is built in several stages. First of all, it is necessary to develop a project of the future structure, the implementation of which will allow you to get a greenhouse with a long service life.

The most common in gardeners is the variant of a stationary glazed greenhouse. It is quite simple to build such a greenhouse without assistants from the part, only some knowledge and the necessary material are required at hand.To pour the foundation, you must first dug around the perimeter of the future greenhouse with a trench, about 0.4 m deep. The width of the trench can be different, depending on the size of the structure. The bottom of the trench should be filled with sand, and then tamp it thoroughly. Next, concrete is poured, and the foundation with reinforcement is laid in parallel.

Avk reinforcement can be used for this. The official website of the company Ingazteh will help you find out everything you need about reinforcement and place an order.The base of the foundation should be made with a protrusion of about 50 mm. above the ground, and in the quality of the formwork, overlapped boards inserted by ribs into the ground are perfect. Coels are nailed to the side surfaces of the boards for strength. The ends of the formwork boards are adjusted to the horizontal level. The upper surface of the foundation should be clearly leveled along the formwork boards. After these measures, concrete is falling asleep with dry cement, and then wipes with a trowel.

All greenhouse racks are made of wooden beams with classic dimensions of 100×100 mm. For central risers, screeds and a skate of a rafter farm, a 50×100 mm bars are used. Intermediate rafter supports are made of bars having a section of 50×50 mm. The frame of the door of the greenhouse and the crate of the roof is made of a board size 100x30mm. The taces of the frame and racks are connected by a chopper in a vague, and then fastened with nails. Glasses are inserted into frames in a standard way. After the assembly of the greenhouse is completed, it is recommended to cover all wooden elements with a special protective composition.

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