Advantages of frame construction

Today, the usual low -rise capital construction has fundamentally changed technologies and if the houses from slabs, blocks and bricks were used to be erected before, then frame buildings have been replaced by these technologies, more uneconomical and fast in terms of construction. Based on frame technology, private houses were originally built. One of the varieties can be called the famous Canadian house, which is built from SIP panels. And at the same time, the objects of the industrial name completely adopted the technological opening.

The construction company “Solution” provides services for the construction of frame buildings of residential, industrial and commercial purposes. . The company operates on the territory of Eastern Siberia and the Far East, in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Yakutia.¬†Modern frame buildings require minimal investments in the construction process, their construction does not take much time. The company specializes in the construction of frame apartment buildings, workshops and industrial buildings, pavilions, shopping centers, sports centers, energy -efficient frame attenses, car wash, Angars and logistics warehouses, rapidly vegetable buildings of agricultural purposes, office premises and residential buildings.

The frame most often is metal structure. The metal frame is made outside the construction site and is brought here after preparatory earthwork.

The operational construction of the depots of the rapidly far from the company “Resolve” will save your time and means, will reduce your expenses during the operation of the building due to the rational consumption of fuel for heating of the premises erected from the walls and ceilings of the energy -saving type.

If you intend to build a warehouse of a large area that will be in the region with a cold climate, then an ideal solution for you will contact the company “Solution” in Krasnoyarsk and order the construction of a frame of a quick -produced warehouse.

Order the construction of warehouse complexes using frame technology from the company “Solution” is profitable because all structures have an original design. In the construction process, not only sandwich panels of various colors are used, but modern stained glass and facade systems in the role of fencing designs.

The company “Solution” is building inexpensive, practical, energy -efficient and rapid buildings of various areas and purposes, which are favorably distinguished among the surrounding buildings and emphasize the proprietary style of the owner. Recognizable corporate coloring of industrial rapidly far -means frame buildings is relevant if the company has its own network in different regions of the country.

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