Turnkey cargo transportation

The company Express Expedition provides services for a complex organization and conduct of cargo transportation in the most relevant areas, using transport, railway and aviation funds. Entrepreneurs recommend ordering transportation in this company, since only here you can find the best prices and at the same time get a guarantee for delivery of delivery, for the safety of cargo. The managers of the transport company will help you choose the optimal route, which will significantly reduce the total costs and therefore make the delivery of cargo more profitable in terms of payment.

The organization’s customers have access services for cargo transportation from 1 kg to 150 tons. in various directions from Rostov to Vladivostok, including autonomous okrugs.

In addition, you can order transportation within the territories of Kazakhstan and Belarus. The company organizes transportation by transport of its own fleet. Also, container and rail transportation is possible for order.

The conclusion of contracts with the Russian Railways enterprise, combined with established logistics processes, ensures the timeliness of the delivery and the integrity of the cargo transported. Express Expeditions integrated the work of quality control according to world standards.

Over the past year, EE employees transported 98 oversized types of goods, and also moved 2 mobile factory complexes with a total mass of 750 tons. In turn, the combined cargo unit served 1862 orders.

The company also offers international import and export transportation from the Russian Federation to the CIS in both directions. Also, container and rail transportation is possible for order. Serving cargoes of different nature, “Express Expedition” also offers related packaging and loading services using customs clearance and passage of certification procedures.

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