The use of Danfoss compressors

Compressors for refrigerators, which are produced by Danfoss, are very widely used in industry and in everyday life.

There are many models of these devices. You can find small sealed models that work due to direct current. The cohabitability of such units is twenty watts. There are medium piston models, as well as Danfoss spiral compressor, the colating production of which is approximately one hundred and fifty watts.

Danfoss sealant compressor can have a different amount of pistons. So, there are models that are made with one piston, two pistons, as well as four piston options. All models of devices provide special protection against high temperatures. So that the devices do not overheat during operation, the manufacturers used an option when cooling occurs with a gas that sucks Danfoss compressor. There is an opportunity for parallel installation in the central refrigerators. Initially, all devices are refueled by factory oil.

Piston compressors are the most common type. They are mainly used for household purposes. Their popularity, they owe a relatively low price, good suitability for repair, simplicity of design. Danfoss compressor

Piston can be used for small in size refrigerated and freezers. In addition, the device is often installed in devices for quick frost, in installations that are necessary to process and store food products, in ice generators, in stands of stands, in cabinets with low temperature, in water coolers and different conditioning systems. danfoss compressor is distinguished by its positive characteristics. When working this device, you can observe good efficiency and economy, which allows you to save on electricity. In the process of electric motors, the noise level is quite low. In addition, the unit practically does not publish vibrations.

Danfoss products can be used for a long time, without the need for breaks. This allows you to achieve maximum work efficiency. Many models work in a large temperature range. They are not whimsical to care and can work for a long time without the need for technical inspection and intervention.


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