The impact of rain on the road

There can be accidents, for a variety of reasons, violations of the rules, improper overturning, there may even be the failure of some machine mechanisms, such as brakes or chassis. Of course, that any of these reasons leads to emergency situations, but there are more unpredictable problems, namely, the weather deterioration directly while driving by car. Most often it turns out that it begins to rain, but the drivers, out of ignorance, how the condition of the route changes, and how it can affect the machine itself simply do not pay attention to speed and other driving elements.

In road construction, they say that the quality of the road depends on the technologies and materials used. Asphalting of roads in Moscow and the Moscow Region is performed by the company laying asphalt, more details on the UKladka-Afalta website in this company can be ordered both road asphalting and the repair of asphalt canvas.

Especially dangerously accelerates on the asphalt, which was only recently installed. He is the most unpredictable during the rain, but approximately his condition can be compared with ice. On such a highway, the deterioration of the clutch, which inevitably leads to an increase in the brake route, to poor management, can cause just that very emergency if the driver is inattentive. A dangerous moment can arise on the old road, with a storm rain. The problem even has its own name, namely aquaplaning. The bottom line is that in the shower, the water simply does not have time to leave the road, and the wheels seem to rise above the road. This can be determined if the steering wheel becomes easy and rotary. It is best to just leave the vehicle without the help of brakes, and wait for the wheels to take a stable position on the road and only then continue to go back. If the rain found on the city highway, in a dense flow of cars, you need to remember the observation of the distance. At any moment, the car can stop in front of the one, but the braking distance increases in the rain. You can just not have time to react in time and get into an accident.

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