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The Sibets plant, which is part of the Siberian Concrete Holding, presented its products at the International Interior and Construction Exhibition Exhibition.  This year, about eight hundred companies and fifteen thousand specialists from eighteen countries of the world became participants in the prestigious event.

This event takes place on one of the largest exhibition space in the Siberian Federal District – Novosibirsk Expocenter.

In the first week of the opening and work of the exhibition with the products of the holding’s enterprises, many guests were familiarized with not only new varieties of cement, but also modern gas cutting of metals. Currently, the holding focuses on visitors to its stand according to special cements, which include sulfato -resistant non -watering material, hydraulic engineering, as well as concrete products intended for laying on road and airfields.

New varieties of cement

Of great interest to the guests was the tamponal cement, which contains an increased indicator of sulfate resistance – it was used in the construction of St. Petersburg trade facilities. Last year, this brand, which is produced by the Krasnoyarsk Cement (Sibsu’s Building Society), was able to receive a competition of the competition for the best domestic goods. This cement brand is characterized by high corrosion resistance, which allows you to use it to attach ultra -deep and deep gas and oil wells at pressure and elevated temperatures.

Products meet high standards, which is confirmed by an audit of management on the quality of quality.

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