Rules for installing air conditioners

Today, almost everyone can afford the purchase of an air conditioner for an apartment. Good quality devices are sold for only 9 – 10 thousand. rubles. However, no less important matter than the choice of a suitable model can be called the correct installation of the air conditioner. This is a fairly responsible and difficult process that requires accuracy and the availability of some experience. Therefore, this case should be entrusted to specialists, and only from trusted companies. However, if the owners of the apartment still decide to make installation on their own, they should take into account some nuances.

Firstly, under the air conditioning it is necessary to allocate your own power line. Even if the model is not too powerful, the old wiring may not withstand the voltage and overheat. And this is fraught with various problems, starting from the failure of the equipment and ending with the fire.

At the moment, in most cases, consumers choose systems – air conditioners, the design of which consists of two blocks to optimize the microclimate in their dwellings. The internal is installed in the apartment, the external is taken out into the street. As for the latter, it would be an ideal option to install it on an uninfilled balcony. If this is not possible, it is best to hang an external block on the wall of the house in the immediate vicinity of the window. This will simplify the task of cleaning or repairing it if necessary.

Before starting installation, it is worth making sure of sufficient strength of the wall surface. She will have to withstand rather heavy equipment. In addition, it should be smooth. The presence of various kinds of protrusions can lead to deformation of the body of the block, since it vibrates during operation. In any case, the installation of air conditioners is carried out so that the distance from them to the wall is at least ten centimeters. Otherwise they will overheat and quickly fail.

As for the internal block, it is mounted on the wall for special containers of increased strength. The most important thing that should be achieved at the same time is its strictly horizontal position. Otherwise, water will pour out from it. There are several places where it is not recommended to install an internal unit. Do not mount it over various kinds of heating devices. Otherwise, the air conditioner will function very intensively and will develop its own resource much faster. In addition, you should make sure that at a distance of three meters from the block there are no obstacles that interfere with normal air circulation.

Installation of the air conditioner is not a simple matter. It is worth taking on it yourself only in the most extreme case and only when you are completely confident in your own capabilities and forces.

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