Selling and laying flooring

Excellent type and affordable price are the main factors by which the buyer chooses finishing materials. High -quality laminate, the price of which differs favorably with floor coverings made of natural wood, will help to ennoble both the home interior and commercial rooms. Tile laying is on the UKLADKA-PLITKI website.

It is the online store that provides the opportunity to purchase floor coverings in Yekaterinburg at the most favorable price, since the method of trading via the Internet avoids many expenses associated with the content of a conventional store.

For our customers, we offer products of trusted manufacturers, both domestic and European. All goods are certified.

The wide color scheme of laminate of different price categories is presented, from the budget products of the economy class to the premium class.

Laminate characteristics

The HDF plate is used as a supporting base for the middle and economy class laminate, for more expensive varieties- MDF.

Laminate 32 of grade is perfect for decorating a residential interior, and grades 33 can withstand even large loads and is used in public places.

Many manufacturers offer waterproof laminate, which is not afraid of wet cleaning. Such a laminate of grade 33 can be successfully used even in the kitchen- a room with high cross-country ability and high humidity.

Transform the interior

For the convenience of our customers, we offer not just to buy a laminate, we are ready to provide a whole range of services.

Here you can:

– buy mixtures for aligning the floor;

– order the leveling of the floor;

– Order laying laminate.

Overview of the assortment

We are pleased to present to our customers the laminate of domestic manufacturers:

– Aberhof, protected by a layer of Diamond Spar;

– Synthros at the most affordable prices produced using German technologies;

– Kronospan, the assortment of which begins with 31 products that are perfect for the floor of the bedrooms.

The laminate of German manufacturers represents:

– Tarkett in a wide range, from white to almost black, not to mention all possible natural shades of various varieties of wood;

– Classen has an antibacterial coating and a reliable Easyconnect locking system with ISOWAXX impregnating, preventing sutures;

– Kronotex is distinguished by special resistance to ignition and can be delivered with a noise -pining layer, suitable for floors with water heating.

Belgian companies are represented by a laminate:

– Quick-STEP premium class with an antistatic effect that allows installation with a underfloor system;

– Berry Alloc offers a quality product of the middle price category;

– Laufer, budget flooring.


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