Pits – in the past! Septicik is the best solution

You built a small house on a suburban area, and now for a comfortable residence in it it remains to solve one important and at the same time delicate problem. What to do with water from the toilet, shower and kitchen?

There must be a toilet and a full shower in your summer house. What to do with wastewater? You obviously do not want all these household water, as well as the water from the toilet, “washed” the plants that you planted, because of the ill-conceived sewage system, the lack of a centralized sewage system.

The best solution for those who do not have the opportunity, for example, financial, to equip a full -fledged sewer system is to buy an inexpensive septic tank

. Today, this solution is becoming increasingly popular for arranging the territory of country houses, cottages, small cafes and any objects where wastewater is needed and cleaning.

The septic tank has proven itself in such a task as the initial cleaning of sewer waters. The popularity of this cleaning installation can be explained by the fact that it is reliable, its price is low, and with solving the sewage problem, it copes just perfectly.

Whatever the object you build, if there is a shower and a toilet on the territory, you just can not do without a special local system for cleaning waste and fecal waters. The well-thought-out cleaning system at times improves the quality of your life, solving the problems that for some reason it is customary to think about the house for some reason.

Which septic tank to choose?

Try AKVAVAKOV-Bio, which you can comfortably purchase at Servo-Yug company. The company specializes in the production of various installations and equipment from reliable plastic and polypropylene materials. The company also produces a variety of containers, caissons and wells.

The septic tank itself is a container that is divided into three compartments. Each of them has its own hatch for free access. The septic tank has the shape of a cylinder, which is additionally equipped with stiffeners. The case is made of special sheet polypropylene. This strong design is not crushed under a layer of soil and soil.

In the calculations of the parameters of the equipment you need, the company’s specialists are suitable individually for each problem, trying to solve it comprehensively and so that local treatment plants are able to perform their functions for a long time.

Each type of equipment is easy to operate and care. Since the products are made of plastic, it cannot be treated with aggressive means. You can buy a detergent for universal purposes by visiting the site .


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