Paving stones and sand for paving preparation

Porridge is one of the popular types of paving paths in landscape design. It is not difficult to make the installation of paving stones with your own hands, but of course, at first, you will need dexterity and experience. One of their most important stages is the preparation of the land plot, for which tamping will be performed.

For preparation, we need sand. Sand and crushed stone Yegoryevsk must be bought in bulk, since even for a small object of work, these materials will need a lot. The company Volgus LLC offers profitable prices and here you can buy sand inexpensively with delivery to the site. Career sand is quite suitable for our work.

Before buying sand inexpensively, prepare a place for its storage. This is usually an indoor place on the site with a small canopy in case of rain. There are practically no other storage requirements

Material for paving stones

To begin with, we list the necessary materials: paving stones, shovel, tamping, twine, sand, gravel,

Before the start of laying, it is necessary to consider the appearance, choose a color scheme, decide on the sketch that you are going to turn into life.

The area of ​​work also matters, a large territory is not within the power of one person, so get an assistant. On the turns and bends that you would like to create, put the marks in the form of pegs, protect the tracks. So, first you need to prepare the existing surface. Remove such a layer of earth, so that after a rallying sand and gravel, the paving stones remain at the desired level. Extend the lining layer. For the supporting layer, use homogeneous material, with good sensitivity to low temperatures, and the lower level can be laid with gravel, and then sand.

If you want to increase the strength of the entire structure, then use the third layer consisting of sand and cement. After the work done, the tamping follows. You can make your own tamping tool from a piece of log and handle. Follow that the lining is unsubstantiated, limit it to the borders of plastic. For the smoothness of the result, you can use a vibrating plate, which, in turn, will help to compact the coating as much as possible.

And finally, it is necessary to lay the paving stones according to your plan. It is desirable to start from the lower point to the upper, or vice versa from the most important parts of the exposure to less important.

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