Natural fence

Not only a high metal or wooden fence, but also a hedge of shrubs can hide your plot of land from prying eyes. This option is not only original, but also very beautiful not only in the summer, but also in winter.First you need to decide what exactly you will plant. Coniferous trees perfectly purify the air, remain green at any time of the year, but grow extremely slowly. Currants, Irga or rosehips with proper pruning in a short time turn into dense fence, but they attract flocks of birds and small rodents with their fruits. If you do not like such neighbors, then opt for lilacs or yellow acacia. So that the lilac does not grow into a bush of an indefinite shape, it must only be cut from above.

To create an environmentally friendly and beautiful fence, you need to prepare the soil and outline the place of the future hedge. First, stretch any rope or wire around the entire perimeter of the site. Retreat from it one and a half to two meters and output the trench. Then the place of the future hedge must be filled with fertilizers. Pour a trench with water. After these manipulations, you can start planting plants. Specialists of special nurseries will help you calculate the number of shrubs or trees. To determine the distance between shrubs, you need to decide on the density of the desired fence. The closer you plant the plants, the more often you will have to cut them to create an aesthetic species. On average, thirty meters in length and thirty in width will require two hundred lilac bushes or one hundred and fifty rosehips.

Care for a hedge of a simple hedge. Regular watering and soil fertilizers are enough. To regulate the density and height of the fence, shrubs will need to be trimmed about once every one and a half months.

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