Machine plastering technology MS Stroy

As you know, plastering of the facades of buildings and walls indoors – the work is quite laborious if it is manually done. In those cases when special equipment (plastering stations) is used for this, it takes much less for both forces and time. That is why machine plaster in the walls of various residential, office and production facilities located in St. Petersburg and other cities of our country is becoming more and wider.

Machine plaster of facades and plastering walls using specialized equipment is carried out in several stages. The first of them is that the surface is prepared in order to enhance the adhesion of the plaster composition with the base. Just like, say, putting walls for wallpaper, this process is carried out using special compositions. It should be noted that for different types of surfaces (concrete, brick, wooden, etc.P.) They are different.

Then the edges of the window and doorways, as well as the walls of the walls are protected from damage by corner plaster profiles (duralumin or steel galvanized), which are best installed on the mounting solution, which is quickly settled.

After that, the stage of plastering of the wall or facade occurs. For this, a plaster station is installed, which consists of such main parts as a bunker with a system that supplies a dry mixture into it; compressor; mixer; Control block. A dry plaster mixture is loaded into the hopper cavity (which, by the way, can be either cement or gypsum), and water is added to it in the required quantity. After that, the process of mixing the components occurs in the mixer, and the resulting solution using compressed air is sent to the supply system.

The plaster is applied to the walls by the operator so that its layer is relatively uniform, without large differences in thickness. For this, it is necessary to have a certain dexterity, which, according to experts, comes with experience. One of the “secrets” of this procedure is that when working the nozzle, it is necessary to maintain at the same distance from the plastered surface.

After the solution is applied, it is aligned with a special rail. If you need to prepare walls for gluing the wallpaper, then after alignment, after some time, it is necessary to grind the surface, for which it is best to use a plastic grater with a foamy sponge mounted on it. If the preparation of walls for wallpaper is not needed (for example, when plaster the facade), then in the grout most often there is no need.

Now the Services for machine plaster in the city of St. Petersburg offers many specialized repair and construction companies, including the company MS Stroy. To find out more about the conditions on which they find themselves, you just need to go to the MS-Stroy website.

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