Improving labor productivity

After the analysis of the use of labor, the degree of security of the enterprise should be checked by qualification workers in accordance with the plan, while identifying the shortage of workers and measures to staff the enterprise with the necessary personnel.

At the same time, it is necessary to analyze the fluidity of the workers, t. e. the number of dismissed and the reasons for their dismissal for the analyzed period of time. The indicator of relative fluidity, characterized by the ratio of the number of dismissed workers to the average composition of workers for a certain period, in comparison with the previous period, will indicate the reasons that determine fluidity, and the measures necessary to reduce it.

A powerful lever for increasing labor productivity and proper use of working hours is a competition in the team for the title of brigades of communist labor.

When analyzing work indicators at the enterprise, it is necessary to carefully verify the state of the competition, the coverage of workers with increased obligations, the effectiveness and concreteness of these obligations, the state and frequency of fulfillment and their effectiveness.

When analyzing, it is necessary to establish the composition of workers by age, sex, work experience, specialty and education, identify the degree of participation of women and youth in production, the stability of the staff of the plant and the work of the enterprise to increase the general educational level of workers.

At the end of the analysis of the condition of working personnel, it is necessary to check the use of limits in the number of certain categories of employees (students, engineering and technical workers, employees, etc. D.) both in terms of compliance with the plan, and in terms of the correct use of these employees.

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