Balance of expenses

Housing and communal services revenues are transferred to the result from the corresponding estimate.

The profit on capital work carried out in the economic way is established by a higher organization. In our example, profit is provided in the amount of 3% of the volume of capital work (84.0 thousand. rub.), t. e. In the amount of 260 rubles. Savings from reducing the cost of overhaul and construction and installation work performed in an economic way is established by a higher organization.

The depreciation amount shown in financial terms must correspond to the total depreciation provided for in the estimate of production costs, plus the depreciation amount provided in the estimate of the cost of housing and communal services.

The growth of stable liabilities is determined by a separate calculation on the basis of the personnel wage fund established for this enterprise, the terms of payment of wages and an increase in the reserve of upcoming payments.

If there is a lack of working capital at the beginning of the year, their replenishment is planned from profits or budget. Reducing the standard of working capital is planned as a source of funds to be paid to the budget.

When planning the costs of overhaul, unused depreciation residues on January 1 of the planned year (if this amount is not written off by order of a higher organization) are included in the revenue part of the balance sheet as a source of financing of the overhaul next year.

Other sources of financing of capital work are planned in the event of a passing mining of minerals in the production of opening work or driving a mine through investment. Revenue from the sale of retired property and values ​​in the liquidation of fixed assets is planned as a source of financing capital work.

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