Features of frame construction

Modern technologies for the construction of houses are constantly improved. Nowadays, independent frame building, also called “Canadian”, whose origins are from the countries of North America, where most buildings have this type of construction are gaining more and more popularity.

Such construction technology in Ukraine appeared at the end of the last century and every year began to acquire more and more fans. Widespread is explained by two indicators – the speed of construction and a relatively inexpensive final cost.

Before starting the construction of the house, it is important to draw up its project. This can be done independently or ordering houses in Kyiv in specialized companies. This stage makes it possible not only to create a structure of the structure, but also in the details to draw a frame, foundation and roof.

There are two types of erection: frame-shnate and frame-frame. The first of them cannot be carried out without the assistance of special equipment, since it is possible to raise and install the panels of a thyroid house only using a tap.  Frame technology is a process that allows you to independently erect a house. Its peculiarity will be that first the house is made in the frame, and then they begin to skin. Frame construction has the following number of advantages:

– the possibility of work at any time of the year and in a short time;

– There is no need to use special equipment;

– the possibility of interior decoration with the simultaneous construction of walls;

– the possibility of changing the project in the exhibition;

– Glaving communications inside the frame.

There are several negative characteristics:

– short operating time;

– the impossibility of multi -storey construction and redevelopment after the end of the construction process.

Choosing the foundation and roof

Due to the low -rise buildings using frame technology, it is not advisable to build massive foundations. The recommended type of base is a fine -chained look and concrete blocks. In most cases, these are screw piles or concrete pillow.

Guided by the density of the structure, its durability and realism of plans for independent construction, the material of the frame of the house itself is selected. It can be wooden, metal or combined.

The best option when choosing a roof is a gable structure of the roof that has a large angle of inclination, which will not allow the snow to accumulate on it in large quantities.

It is necessary to study in detail all the nuances of the construction of houses using frame technology. This will become the key to the successful and correct construction of the building with your own hands.

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