Establishment of the enterprise

To analyze the achieved level of labor productivity, the development of gross products for one worker and one worker is compared with the plan and with the development for the corresponding previous period and the growth rate of labor productivity is revealed. It should be noted that the following factors have a serious influence on its level:

Changing the number of auxiliary workers, administrative-technical and administrative and managerial personnel when calculating development for one working. In such an analysis, it is easy to detect the influence of an increase or reduction in auxiliary and maintenance personnel on the level of labor productivity;

artificial overestimation of labor productivity by attracting students to an independent working process, whose working hours are not taken into account in calculating the development for one worker;

the use of unaccounted overtime work or the presence of unaccounted downtime, absenteeism and other non -byces, distorting the indicators of the time worked for the analyzed period.

A preliminary condition for a comprehensive analysis of labor productivity at the enterprise is to clarify the indicator itself by eliminating all the distortions caused by incorrect or inaccurate accounting of the cost of working time for the production of products. From this point of view, the labor productivity indicator is analyzed by three main factors:

according to the number of products developed by one worker for a month, a quarter, a year, which shows the production for workers regardless of downtime and non -appearance;

by the number of products developed by one worker for the shift, which shows the use of working time during the shift;

By the number of products developed by one worker in an hour, which shows the degree of productive use of working time within an hour.

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