Adhesive mixtures of a lithol

Glue mixtures of Litokol (Litokol) have proven themselves well for internal and external finishing work. A wide range of brand products allows you to choose the best option for any types of rooms and surfaces themselves for the installation of tiles and some other finishing materials.

Types of adhesive mixtures lithol

Tile glue. It has a cement base and is perfect not only for laying ceramic tiles, but also marble, porcelain tile and mosaic on any solid foundation;

dispersion glue. The composition of water emulsions and synthetic resins with a number of organic additives. The best choice for the internal cladding of floors and walls, both tiles and panels made of polystyrene and foamylitrate.

Two -component composition. The epoxy mixture, which is often called reactive glue, will allow reliable installation on such a basis as plastic or wood.

Tips for use

The use of adhesive mixture for reliable and high -quality installation of tiles and other finishing materials requires high -quality surface preparation. It should be as flat as possible, without hillocks and hollows, the recommended height difference should not exceed 3 mm. The self -leveling mixture that the same brand produces will help you align the surface of the floor. Please note that the surface should be dry and cleaned of dust, fat spots and other types of pollution. In order for the glue not to be absorbed too much, it must first be applied to the soil and let it dry completely. If a room with a high level of humidity, such as a bathroom or pool, then waterproofing work is performed.

Preparing the adhesive composition for use is quite simple. In accordance with the instructions and the proportions indicated in it, the adhesive mixture is mixed with water or latex additive and mixed with a drill with a special mixer nozzle until a homogeneous mass is obtained, without lumps. Then the composition is allowed to “ripen” for an hour and it will be completely ready for application.

Tile installation is performed in a standard way. For decoration of facades and surfaces with high operational load, glue is applied to both the surface and on the back of the tile.

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