Ulyanovsk interior doors Dariano Porte

Two decades in the production of interior doors led to the fact that Dariano became known not only in the Ulyanovsk region, but also far beyond its borders. The company constantly presents new collections and pleases buyers with a non -trivial approach to design. One of the most luxurious collections – Dariano Porta includes both ultramodern and chic vintage models. Film and contour stained glass, various types of sandblasting and original decor elements create unusual patterns. Noble tree and silk -screenshop on glass is an amazing combination that can ennoble any room.

All products of the company:

Protected from scratches and chips.

Not deformed over the years.

Resistant to temperature drops.

Moisture resistant.

High quality products are achieved through the use of the latest technologies in the production process. Thanks to the above properties, the doors of the Dariano for a long period of time do not lose their original species. The company is rightfully proud of its achievements and awards, and also offers customers products fully compliance with world standards.

Dariano – open the new world

The company offers modern and classic models, sophisticated glass doors and baguette canvases. Own glass production makes it possible to use original design solutions and give ordinary doors a unique look. A great example of transforming simple baguette canvases into a work of art is the doors of Turin, which differ not only in the use of natural veneer and enamel, but also with an unusual glass. Sleeping with crackeletes and manual threads, frescoes and delicate gloss – designer diversity amazes the imagination.

A large range of products allows the buyer to purchase exactly the door that he needs. The selected model will fit perfectly into the interior of an apartment or a country house created by the designer. The main thing is to carefully scroll through the pages of the catalog and choose the desired item. For example, recreating a typical American apartment, you can take Chicago doors or use a country collection. For the convenience of choice, all products of the company are thematically divided and bears the appropriate name. Create your small corner of Versailles or plunge into the ancient Hellas with Dariano.

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