Repair of shower pallets Restoration of acrylic

A crack appeared in the pallet of the shower cabin?

Repair of acrylic pallets.

Restoration and restoration of liquid acrylic.

In more and more, the recently instead of baths, shower acrylic pallets have been installed. These plumbing products are distinguished by a variety of sizes and shapes. They are also easy to mount enough. But along with obvious advantages, such as fast heating, ease of care – there are small disadvantages. From the fact that acrylic material of thin pallets can bend or deform under the weight of a person.

During use on acrylic products, cracks, chips, or just scratches often appear. The specialists of our company carry out the repair of acrylic shower pallets. It is not necessary to carry out dismantling. We will help you make an inexpensive repair, after which the pallets of your shower cabin will be like new.

Cheap repair of your bathroom.

It’s real. Acrylic today very common material. So the repair of the coating is no longer causing special difficulties.

Our experts are restored by acrylic with modern and high -quality polymers.

Finishing or repairing the old bathroom.

Due to the fact that the repair of shower pallets does not require the analysis of the entire bathroom, the restoration of acrylic can be done on the spot. However, it is better not to do it yourself. Without certain experience, you can ruin quite expensive things. Trust this lesson to our specialists.

If there is a defect in the coating, scratch or crack of the pallet, –

We will help to make inexpensive repair in your bathroom.

We offer you such services as:

– chips repair;

– repair of acrylic shower pallets;

– repairs of a shower cabin;

– Restoring liquid acrylic.

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