Pipe wiring in the bathroom

Wiring and replacing pipes in the apartment – trust professionals

When it comes to major repairs in the apartment, the list of plans is not the most pleasant activity – replacing and wiring pipes. At the same time, attention is paid not only by technical aspects, but also by the convenience of their use (combination or separation of the toilet and bathroom, improvement of ergonomics of space).

Everything begins with the development of the circuit, because all elements of water supply communications should be combined into a single system. We are talking about planning the number of highways, determining their location and identifying all points of connection. This may be an accession to the central sewage system (mainly in city apartments) or the organization of an autonomous station. The latter option is preferred for suburban real estate, when the site has its own well.

After that, it is necessary to determine the appropriate installation method. So the open method implies the removal of the pipeline outside, and the hidden – its concealment in wall structures. You have to decide what is more important: the simplicity of work and, accordingly, their low cost or external aesthetics.

Among other things, wiring pipes in the bathroom can be performed as follows:

Consistently, t.e. when all elements are mounted in stages. Unfortunately, this can prevent uniform distribution of water pressure in the case of connecting several devices.

Collector, t.e. with the installation of a crane on each pipe laid. In the future, this will allow to repair the system without its complete disconnection.

It is equally important to purchase the right materials. So especially popular are polypropylene and PVC pipes. This is the best choice for cold water. But hot water is better to let in metal -plastic.

As you already understood, the replacement of pipes in the apartment is a high -tech process. Only an experienced professional who is familiar with all the nuances of her work can ensure a long service life and the uninterrupted system of the water system.

Companies usually have highly qualified specialists who can not only choose sewer pipes, but also carry out their dismantling/installation. At the same time, the work will be carried out in the shortest possible time, so the repair will be almost imperceptible to you. To prevent problems – contact professionals.

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