New Year’s interior of the office

The abundance of toys and huge Santa Claus at the entrance for the workplace is an undesirable option. People come here on serious matters and a strict, business atmosphere should reign here. Acordar, what to talk with an employee in a cap of a gnome among New Year’s toys about investing or concluding a transaction, no one will be not serious. Christmas decorations can offend employees and customers if they adhere to another faith.

It would be nice to get a tradition at work – to decorate the working room with the whole team. Of course, for this you can invite a professional designer, but an extra waste of money is useless: leave it for a festive buffet or gifts to employees. In addition, the common cause will rally the team and will allow you to get to know each other better. If the authorities do not welcome your desire to introduce this tradition, then each employee can independently decorate his workplace.

Where to begin?

Por supuesto, with cleaning! You do not need to wash the floor or walls – most likely, this is done by the coming cleaner. But take away your workplace, throw out extra pieces of paper and put things in order in the nightstand or drawer of the desk. It will not be superfluous and throw out all excess or systematize folders on the hard disk of your computer.

Color is important!

Now you can start decoration. The most important principle is the laconic style and a single color scheme. Stylish, discreet New Year’s design will give the room to the tinsel and small Christmas balls of two three colors. It is better to use the colors that are in the logo of your company, which will allow you to set a balance between the festive building and the business working atmosphere. If this option is not suitable for you, then just use color combinations of restrained tones: blue and silver, dark red and gold, pink and gray, do not forget about the classic black and white gamut. A win -win option is a combination of white, blue and red colors.

If the office allows, put a Christmas tree in it, better artificial. There is less garbage from it, and for the next new year it will come in handy. If there is not enough space, then a good solution is a mini-handle on the desktop or a decorated indoor flower.

Or according to the European tradition, you can hang a Christmas wreath from juniper or spruce. Or maybe it will be a home -made wreath of sweets at the factory for their production, or from unnecessary radio components in an office engaged in the repair of household appliances. However, a wreath can be made of anything: from buttons, soft toys, tangerine, tennis balls, old discs, etc.P. So you will do two things at once: decorate the room and emphasize the specifics of your activity.

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