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The European factory occupies one of the first places in the market for the production of interior doors. All this became possible thanks to the ten -year production experience, a large chain of stores that can be found in almost every region. All the merits of the company in the field of door production were repeatedly marked by diplomas, quality certificates not only in the domestic market, but also at the international level.

A feature of the company Europe is that the doors and all components are produced using Italian and German technologies, using the newest modernized equipment. At the same time, the cost of products is not too high.

The main area of ​​activity is the manufacture of interior doors.

The main materials used for this purpose are:

– natural wood (oak, pine, beech, cherry, nut, ash IT.D.);

– plywood;

– Chipboard;

– DVP.

The company is also engaged in the manufacture of components for doors. In order to view the full list of the proposed models, you must use the link: Doors European

List of products

All doors of Europe, respectively, are divided into:




At the same time, the style of the doors speaks for itself. If these are “Classic” doors, then all lines are classic in nature. For doors in the style of “techno” is characterized by a more bold execution and original solutions. The Elegant style is characterized by a combination of the main lines of the above styles.

In any style of the doors can be traced, and the main idea of ​​the European factory: the clarity of the lines and the structurality of all geometric shapes. In addition, any final product fits perfectly into the interior of any stylistic execution, whether it be modern, classic or minimalism.

In addition to the excellent design solutions of the doors, there are excellent operational characteristics. They are perfect for both office buildings and home. In addition, due to its water -repellent properties, such doors can be used in the bathroom.

And in conclusion, it is necessary to emphasize once again, what is the benefit of interior doors from the European factory:

Low cost of the finished product;

High quality of products, thanks to the use of modern equipment and production technologies;

Huge selection of products;

Materials that are used for the manufacture of doors and all components to them are high -quality and environmentally friendly;

All products have passed all the necessary tests, which is confirmed by the availability of quality certificates;

Installation of doors will not cause special problems;

A sufficiently long life.

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