Construction equipment concrete mixing installations

Construction equipment: concrete mixing installations

The construction of low -rise buildings in small cities and outside the city settlements is most often carried out by small construction companies. Such organizations are the main consumers of reliable concrete mixing plants – equipment that allows you to effectively and efficiently mix concrete and other construction mixtures.

Such devices are equipped with a component of a forced effect, the load volume of which varies from 250 to 750 liters. In addition, such attitudes have one or more cement containers, a device for dosing cement (by weight of the substance), a device responsible for dosing of aggregates (in terms of material). Any construction organization can purchase both the entire installation completely and the technological units separately, while any consumer can make supporting metal structure independently.

Concrete mixing units can have performance from 2 to 60 m3

per hour, they can be equipped with a concrete mixer of various volumes (250-1500 l). The supply of the source material occurs using a sip or conveyor. The prepared mixture is loaded into dump trucks or car concrete mixers. Dosing devices are weighty, lever or tensometric. Such installations can have a different degree of automation.

Concrete mixing equipment of this type can be intended for work in the summer or for functioning during the round year. “All -season” concrete mixing installations are capable of working even in winter thanks to the insulation and special devices that heat up aggregates and water. Such units can also be equipped with a steam generator, this modification is made at the request of the customer. For installation and commissioning of such equipment, it takes from 15 to 45 days.

“Summer” concrete mixing units are not sheathed with insulation and are not equipped with heating devices, they can be operated at at least +2 ° C temperature. Some models of such units are the most mobile, they can be transported by two machines. There are also installations with the chassis, such equipment is moved due to a trash car. The installation of such equipment is carried out within 3-4 days.

The cost of concrete mixing installations can be different. This value depends on the set of additional devices, equipment productivity, manufacturer’s popularity and other factors.

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