Cheap PVC windows

If you look around you on the street among the houses, you will see that plastic windows are present in almost all houses. PVC windows firmly entered our lives, making it a lighter, cozy and comfortable.

Many people think that plastic windows began to exist about twenty years ago, but this is not so. The history of the windows began more than half a century ago, and the material, the polyvinyl chloride of which they produce windows even earlier.

In 1835, the scientist Regs created the first artificial material PVC, that is, polyvinyl chloride. In 1913, the use of this substance began, but only in 1930 large -scale production began to develop from the beginning in Germany. Popularity came to window plastic systems in 1970, but by the end of the 90s of the last century, windows were firmly entered into the production of windows.

When choosing a window, you face some questions. For example, how is the foreign window different from the domestic, and which is better, what is the difference expensive and cheap? You can purchase a cheap option, but you need to know what you save now, whether this savings will result in a consequence of repair or remodeling. When buying a plastic window, you need to pay attention to the quality of raw materials and stability of the production process. High -quality windows have ISO9001 certificates that confirm compliance with certain parameters, and indicate high quality and stable production. Product quality is determined on laboratory equipment and qualified specialists. In the absence of a certificate, the goods are removed from the sale, and these are production losses.

When ordering a plastic window, stipulate that the window should be made of high -quality PVC with all the necessary additives and an aged production process. Like any product of the PVC window, they have a cost, which can only be achieved by deterioration in quality. Manufacturers who are serious about their work achieve optimization of price and quality ratio. When purchasing windows, at a price below the public think about the quality of such windows and about the manufacturer who saves on your comfort.

There are many large companies and small private firms in the huge industry for the production of PVC windows. Before making an order for the windows, read the basic requirements for PVC windows. The heat of the windows is kept due to the multi -chamber structure. Glass with low -emission coating and double -glazed windows with vacuum spraying hold heat ten times better, but are more expensive. Is it worth saving on the warmth to decide. Protection against noise, thieves and ultraviolet rays will provide laminated glass. The principle in the following, several glasses are connected with a high -strength film. But it costs more.

All different windows will offer you a specialist at a meeting. The decision to make you based on the conditions of installation and financial capabilities.

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