Bunker of forming machines

From mixing machines, chips through transporters and enters directly to the hopper of forming machines (for the front layers) and (for the middle layer). This arrangement of equipment almost excludes the possibility of overstraining of chips covered with resin, and therefore the danger of hardening the glue on the chips.

Bunkers of forming machines have a slightly larger capacity than in the previous scheme. Forming machines are equipped with weight portioned dispensers providing an accurate supply of the mixture to pallets per unit time.

The conveyor carrying pallets is equipped with dividers that limit the length of the workpiece of the future slab, which eliminates the need to cut the carpet. The chips falling between the dividers falls on the strip conveyors, the latter load the chips into the receivers of pneumatic transport, which it returns to the bunkers of forming machines. In this stream there are no scales that control the weight of the carpet, and drank, cutting the edges. The device pushes pallets into a cold press.

After cold topping and irrigation of the upper surface with water with nozzles, the blanks with a mechanism are loaded onto the storyteller, and then in the press with hot plates. At enterprises of this type, forming machines, a cold and hot press are installed on one line.

From a conveyor exempting the unloading floor, the plates with a special device are shifted to the elevator, and the pallets are fed to the refundable chain conveyor with wooden crossbars, which carries them through the cooling chamber . The second transverse conveyor transfers pallets to the line of formation. After exposure, the slabs in the warehouse are cut and polished on the automatic line of machine tools.

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